Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Sapu Lidi - Lembang

Hey foodies !

We had just finished our short holiday to Bandung. 3D2N at there seems so short for us but it's enjoyable. That's why we will share our happiness to all of you too :D

For the next couple days, we will review about the places we went at Bandung. Hope you enjoy it !

Here's the first one.

On our trip to Bandung, we visited one famous restaurant at Lembang. Located at a plateau called Lembang, Bandung. Precisely, their location is inside a housing complex called Graha Puspa Lembang.

Short story about Sapu Lidi, it is created by Indonesian culinary & resort entrepreneur named Bob Doank. Their tag line is "Makan di Sawah", in english it means eating at rice field. They also got Hotel Resort with traditional yet luxury exterior.

Place is really calm and really quiet. Plus, with fresh cold mountain air breeze, it's really relaxing here. The traditional Indonesian wooden interior inside the restaurant made the place looks and feels like we're sitting in a big hut in the middle of rice field in the beautiful village.

This restaurant served Indonesian Cuisine. Some are common, some are not. So we asked the waitress what's people's favorite dish here. The waitress recommend us a Ikan Nila Bakar Daun khas Sapu Lidi, Ayam Kahaseupan, and we also ordered Terong ala Sawah and Kangkung Polos.

Food's Review :

Dish's Name :
Ikan Nila Bakar Daun Khas Sapu Lidi

The first and also the best dish that came to our table was this. The fish is grilled and wrapped with banana's leaf. Smells really good, the sauce, red and green chili covering the fish. We tasted it. The fish was perfectly cooked, the seasoning spice mixed very well with the fish and the chili gave it a little spicy, not too much. The sauce is made with tomato, minced red and green chili, and spices. That made the fish tasted sweet yet a bit spicy.

Rate: 8.5/10

Dish's Name :
Ayam Kahaseupan

This smoked chicken also smells really great. Served with green sambal, and lalapan. Cooked with spices like turmeric, galangal and a bit ginger made it taste good and smells nice. Soft texture and crispy skin from the chicken.

Rate: 7.5/10

Dish's Name :
Terong ala Sawah

Eggplant is a very common yet famous in the world of Indonesian Cuisine. It is one of my favorite too. So, we ordered this dish. This eggplant really impressed me. It tasted good. The Eggplant is fried with what we called in Indonesian 'Balado'. Balado is a sauce that made from minced chili, and various spices. It is crispy, sweet and spicy on every bite.

Rate: 8/10

Dish's Name :
Kangkung Polos

This is also one very famous and common food in Indonesia. The kangkung served with garlic. Really plain like the dish's name. Delicious, but nothing special though.

Rate: 7/10

Dish's Name :
Ikan Nila Goreng Sambal Hijau

We're addicted to the fish. So we ordered another one but with different sauce. This time is green chili. The fish is deep fried with green chili. Very spicy and crispy. Not as good as the first Ikan Nila Bakar Daun khas Sapu Lidi though.

Rate: 8/10

This restaurant really impressed us and we made sure to visit again next time when we go traveling to Bandung.

Rate for Sapu Lidi: 8.5/10


Location :
Jl. Sersan Bajuri
Kompleks Graha Puspa Lembang



(photo taken from toyota.astra.co.id)

Review about Toyota Agya :

Toyota Agya is really an economical car. Since we are still students and we want to get cheaper price on transportation, we really get one ! We only need to spend affordable price on the fuel and we already could go to most of the famous attractions in Bandung. I guess the name LCGC (Low Cost and Green Car) for the car really has been proven. Keep improving !


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