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BLACKLISTED - Pondok Indah Mall Jakarta

Hi guys !

Back to our reviewing on a cafe.

This time it's BLACKLISTED.

This cafe is located at Pondok Indah Mall and to be precisely, it is on the Street Gallery 2nd floor. The mall has this unique place that through this 'street gallery', visitors can find many kinds of cuisine with the street interior.

A little bit info of BLACKLISTED. This outlet actually has 3 branches located all in Jakarta : Pondok Indah Mall, Puri Indah Mall, and Ciputra World.

I came to PIM (stands for Pondok Indah Mall) for the first time with my friends (Vincent, the co-owner of this blog included). We were walking around the mall for some sightseeing while we were thinking of what we would like for our dinner later (we came at night). 

When we passed this restaurant, I saw a board the waiter put in front of its door. The board has a picture of its signature dish. As I recall, it wrote "Try Our New Menu" and the menu was an appetizer. What made me so desire was because the appetizer used an ingredient that I like the most, if you have read my review before on Luciole Bistro & Bar, you would have known what it is.

Do you find it out ? Do you ?

I'll give you the answer. It's FISH.

After seeing that picture, I was hoping that I could choose this place cause I was craving to try the dish very much.


That day was my turn to choose the place. I told my friends that I wanted to try this spot once.

After couple hours, we came back to have our dinner. We entered and that night, the place was quite crowded, we chose the non-smoking room. The atmosphere was comfortable, it suits for couples to spend their Saturday night (Saturdate) hahaha.

We sat and the waiter gave us the menu list. We looked on it and then I had figured what the dish was from the picture. It was Norwegian Salmon. Oohhhh... Judging by the photo on the menu, I thought it would taste AWESOME, so I chose to order this one. Couple minutes after that, my friends and I were ready to order our meals, so we called the waiter.



That night, most of the dish's and beverage's ingredients were out of stock, 2 of my friend including me had to spent couple of minutes to look at the menu and re-order.

These are what we ordered :

Dish Name :
Spanish Hash
Description :
Saute of Bacon, Corned Beef,
Diced Potato, Cherry Tomato,
Onsen Egg & Caramelized Onion
and served with
Garlic Bread

I didn't got the chance to order my craved dish, and my decision came to this. This dish was actually served as breakfast meal, but the waiter said the dish was served all day, it's an all day breakfast meal to be precise. So I ordered it anyway. To describe this, I quite enjoyed it, it tasted like when you eat pizza. The richness of the components made this meal put you into full state of energy if eaten as breakfast.

Rate : 8 / 10

Dish's Name :
(Bacon Absolutely Delicious)
Description :
Australian Beef Patty, Beef Bacon Streaks,
Bacon Jam, Grilled Apple,
Lettuce, Melted Cheese
and served with

This dish was the best that night. My friend ordered this and we tried it (we taste each other's meals). It was like an ordinary burger, but the hero of this burger was the Bacon Jam. It tasted FANTASTIC, never before I heard a bacon made into jam cause the sweetness made this burger so addictive. The Beef Patty was tender and juicy and the sour from the green apple plus the sweetness of the jam made this burger taste really great. The ingredients are well-combined and makes it taste DELICIOUS.

The jam was the HERO. *salute

Rate : 8.5 / 10

Dish's Name :
Blacklisted Beef Burger
Description :
Australian Beef Patty, Beef Bacon,
Melted Cheese, Onion Ring,
Lettuce on House-Made Charcoal Bun
and served with
Coleslaw & Potato Wedges

Now this is what you called ordinary burger. Taste okay, but it was slightly better comparing to other fast food's burger like BK, sorry BK hehehe.
The patty was the same one with the BAD one (dish above), it was tender and juicy. Their differences were just on the jam. This one didn't have one. Guess the hero wasn't on this dish right now.

Rate : 7.5 / 10

Dish's Name :
Tangy Spicy Tuna Sandwich
Description : 
Spicy Tuna Mayo
French Fries

When we saw this meal on the menu, together we agreed that we wanted to order this one for share. When this food was served, we ate the fries first cause we were still enjoying on our own appetizer. Here's the weird things.

When I tasted it, the tuna mayo was so cold already, I didn't understand this. Was it because we didn't eat it after being served or maybe this was the uniqueness of the dish or it was out of date (oh god) ? Anyway, I was the only one who thought of this, the others, I asked them and they said it taste okay but nothing special though, I guessed they didn't mind after all or (no comment) ?

Rate : 6 / 10

Dish's Name :
Calamari Bites
Spicy Mayo

My other favorites seafood : Calamari.

We ordered this and the taste ? Well.... 
It was good, only good. It was crunchy and the portion was enough for 3 people. The sauce : spicy mayo, I didn't like it, it tasted exactly like the Thousand Island Mayonnaise. I imagine that the sauce was made by mixing chilly sauce + thousand island mayo. BAM........!! There you go. SPICY MAYO

Sorry for the negatives, but at least the calamari saved the dish.

Rate : 6.5 / 10

Beverage's Name :
Sea Salt Caramel Latte

I ordered this drink hoping that it would taste as good as the one in Djournal Coffee Bar, I will write the review about it one day. 

And the taste..... It's GOOD. The coffee and the sea salt, it was like sync-ing together. The design on the steamed milk foam was pretty too. It would taste better if it was still hot.

Rate : 8.5 / 10

Beverage's Name :

This drink was okay. The taste was the same as the other cappuccino you can find anywhere. What I liked from this was just the design, the bartender drew a leaf design using the steamed milk foam. It was beautiful. Salute to the bartender. He had done a good job.

Rate : 7 / 10

That's all the reviews guys !

I will come here again once more to try the dish. No matter what, I have to. I have even memorized the dish's name : Norwegian Salmon with Lemon Beurre Blanc. 
I'll write another review about it after I ate it. So stay tuned !

Rate for BLACKLISTED : 8.7 / 10


Location :

Pondok Indah Mall
Street Gallery, 2nd Floor
Jl. Metro Pondok Indah


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