Thursday, May 28, 2015

FATBURGER - Senayan City Jakarta

Hey Foodies !

So, this time i'll write a review of a burger place called Fatburger. Located at Senayan City Jakarta. Originally, Fatburger is from USA. And they have a few outlets here in Jakarta. There's one at Plaza Indonesia, and there's one at Pondok Indah Mall.

Actually, i've been wanted to try their burger since the first time i go to Senayan City back when i just moved from Medan to Jakarta. I am curious to be honest, since i personally is a burger fan, i want to find out what's the difference between their burger and other fast-food restaurant's burger.
And a few days ago, i finally have the chance. I went there with friends. Although main reason is to have dinner at Senayan City, we went to this place before dinner anyway. We, Medanese have a big appetite LOL.

Food Review :

Dish Name :
Triple Fatburger
Description :
3 Beef Patties, 2 Layers of Cheese, Lettuce, Pickles, Tomatoes

So we go straight for Triple Fatburger, which means 3 layers of beef patties. I actually want to go for Quad Fatburger but then i changed my mind, save some space for dinner.
It's quite a big bite. Patties are soft, tender and juicy, it's well cooked. Well, about the other, no comment, taste usual. Overall, i think this burger is just slightly better than common fast-food restaurant's burger. What makes it slightly better though, is the patty for me, i liked this one better because it's juicy, not dry like fast-food restaurant's burger. Well, Stephen (blog's co-author) said he doesn't really like it haha.

About the fries, they let you choose when you're ordering, they have different kind of fries, like curly fries, skinny fries which is also french fries, and there is fat fries, like skinny fries but fatter haha. And then they'll also let you choose the flavor for the fries, there are cheese, barbeque. We chose cheese. Well, no comment about the fries too, taste just like usual fries.

Rate 7.5/10

Okay guys, this review is kinda short but well, it's worth reviewing. So, wait for our next review !


Location :
Senayan City
Lower Ground
Jl. Asia Afrika, Senayan, Jakarta
Opening Hours : 10AM - 10PM


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