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Luciole Bistro & Bar - Central Park Jakarta (2nd visit)

First POST ! Can't be more happy to announce our first thread for our new blog.

Today I'm gonna review about the place where I went before. From the title, you'd found the name of the restaurant. It's LUCIOLE BISTRO & BAR. Located at Central Park, West Jakarta.

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Here's the story of how I could come to this place.

My friends and I usually play a game of whose turn to choose a place to eat every time we go out together. The rules are simple : whoever choose the place, the others should just follow and never complain the decision. This time, I was going out only with 1 of my friend, Vincent who also the co-owner of this blog. YES. It was just two of us. On that day, it was his turn to choose the place too (well, just the two of us, either he or me that has to decide). So....... He chose this place and I must agree with it.

The restaurant located at the middle of the Park, across from SOGO, so it isn't located inside the mall building. The place was okay.. I mean it was quiet when we visited since it was weekday, so the customers were fewer and we won't need to wait for a table. We came at night and the atmosphere was cozy with great interior design. This restaurant is really recommended for dating or romantic dinner.

The waitress gave us the menus and we checked it out. Anyway, before we came to this restaurant, we already know of their recommended dish. So it didn't took us long to decide what to ordered.

Below here are what we ordered :

Dish's Name :
Description :
Pan Seared Baramundi
Spring Vegetable, Baby Potato
Lemon Butter Sauce

Since I am a fish lover, I usually order any food starting with fish ingredients (salmon, tuna, baramundi, many more). Quite a luxury food eater huh ? hahahaha. When I saw this appetizer being served to me, I told myself that this would taste good judging by the look, it was exquisite. 
The moment I tasted it, it was SUPERB.. Guess sometimes eyes can't lie after all. The fish and the sauce were combined well to each other, as they were meant together to enter our belly.

The fish was cooked perfectly, and the spring vegetables (broccoli, carrot) were smooth too, as when you bite on it, it would crush easily and the hero of this dish would be the sauce, Lemon Butter Sauce. The sour taste from the lemon and sweet from butter act nicely with the fish. I enjoyed very much with the sauce and would have asked for more if I could. 

Rate : 8.5 / 10


Dish's Name :
Seafood Risotto
Description :
Green Mussels and Calamari

We asked the waitress about what were the special and favorite dishes at the restaurant, and she answered that many had ordered their risotto, so we tried one. For your information, risotto is a rice dish but not rice. I mean, the usual rice dish is the rice is cooked with plain water, meanwhile for risotto, the rice is cooked with broth to a creamy texture. The broth can be from meat or vegetable, depends on how the chef wants it.

This dish was filled with healthy ingredients : green mussels and calamari. It tasted delicious but personally, I didn't quite enjoy on the sauce. I thought that the sauce was kind of the sauce for spaghetti, the bolognese one and too sweet for me. I wouldn't able to finish it alone if I had to.

Rate : 7 / 10


Dish's Name :
Black Squid Ink Spaghetti
Description :
Black Squid
Squid Ink

Now this is what I call the best dish.

We already heard that this is one of this restaurant's signature dish, so of course we ordered one too.
Honestly, the first time we heard the name of the dish, we couldn't think about how it would taste using the ink of the squid as the sauce. We are like "Since when squid's ink is consumable ?", "How it would taste ?", "Ahh, it would taste weird". But we ordered anyway since the waitress recommended it to us.

When the dish was served. It was plated on black plate and the fact that the spaghetti looked black too from the ink, we told each other that the dish wasn't good looking, so we left it last while we ate our own meals first.

After we finished, the last game finally came to end.........

We used our fork and took small bite from the plate. Now, imagine that you are stranded on an island for weeks and when you are saved, the first food you eat is your favorite one. How will you react from it ?

Have you think on how your reaction will be ?

Our reaction would be worse than yours. We didn't expect it to be that good ! Our eyes were widely opened while chewing on the spaghetti and squid. It tasted FANTASTIC. The sweetness from the sauce, the squid's ink, made the dish tasted so fresh. After tasting it, we took back our negative words and thoughts about the taste. Best way to say it : Don't judge the book by its cover. 

The only difficulty on eating this dish was, since it was squid's ink, our lips were looked like we were putting some lipstick on it, black one, it's messy. After all, this dish was enjoyable and I would come again to order one again.

Rate : 8.5 / 10

That's all the review I have for this restaurant.

We promise, we will come here again since we haven't taste all the dishes provided by the restaurant. So... Stay tuned and wait for our reviews again guys !



As I said before (look up) : "we will come here again" and I really meant it the time I wrote that. Because here I am, visiting here again with a really good result even for 2nd time. NICE ~~

We came to Central Park again after a break from our last semester exams and this time, we were accompanied by one friend too, so no more 2 people facing each other again. LOL... We recommended this place since he had never been here before.

This time, we didn't order the same before. We tried other dishes which I need to take really long time to choose :| (actually I wanted to order the Black Squid Ink Spaghetti, but I ordered it for my friend).

Here's the dishes.

Dish's Name :
Seafood Spaghetti 
Asian Spicy Marinara

I ordered this one in hope that I could taste some spicy food since the menu wrote "spicy", but sadly it wasn't. Either it wasn't spicy at all or it didn't have effect on my taste bud LOL... (it tasted sweet for me)

The dish was quite delicious. It was flavorful.

The spaghetti was cooked perfectly (nothing special -_-), the sauce was delicious, only that I thought it tasted like a bolognese sauce (same as the one above : Seafood Risotto).

One thing made me confused from this dish. 

Where's the green mussels ? 

Well, through the picture, you can clearly see the green mussels, but only the shell. The meat inside ? I had trouble finding them in the dish. I couldn't saw the mussel's meat cause inside the shell was the marinara sauce :| Either it was lost or the meat was too small that I ate it with the spaghetti unknowingly.

Anyway, it was tasteful while it was still hot :)

Rate : 7.5 / 10

Dish's Name :
Roasted Prawn 
Angel Hair Oglio Olio

Another new dish !

To be truthful, this one was better than mine. A LOT

I really liked the pasta (called Capellini in Italy). It's thin texture and the way it was cooked, served, really made me wanted this dish.

You know "Rice Vermicelli" ? Well, in Indonesia, we call it "bihun".

Now, when I tasted it, my first comment was "This one tasted like bihun goreng (fried rice vermicelli). It's delicious !". The others agreed too cause the flavor really matched with us. The shrimps were cooked perfectly and tasted really good. Quite a good seasoning to the shrimp. GOOD JOB !!

If I have another time and visit this place again, I might order this dish. LOL...

Rate : 8.0 / 10

The third plate, I won't review it because I had done it before. It's Black Squid Ink Spaghetti.

We ordered a side dish (starter) too.

Dish's Name :
Crab & Corn Fritters

Actually it might called Shrimp & Corn Fritters since it used the shrimp meat because the restaurant was in short of crab meat, so the waitress suggested us to change it to use the shrimp meat to make the fritters. FINE.

Crab or shrimp, I didn't care ~ . It tasted good anyway !

It was fried to a crunchy texture and the fritters were thick too. Ate a plate of these (5 pieces) and I might be full and couldn't eat anything more.

I liked the sambal cause it was a little spicy to me (again, only a little spicy hahaha). If I may, I might order 5 small bowls of the sambal for each fritters LOL...

Rate : 7.8 / 10


Dish's Name :
Chocolate Truffle Cake

Another dessert that will be included in my dessert list (after the one in KITCHENETTE : Nutella Mousse Cake).

The cake was so moist and flavorful. The sweetness from the chocolate really tasted PERFECT. I didn't need to bite on the cake cause only using pressing it a little bit, the cake already burst with a lot of flavor.

Rate : 9.0 / 10 (quite high cause I really like this one)

I intended to order another slice but I was in dilemma because I didn't know which to choose between this or the other one below. Help me choose it please ? PLEASE... PLEASE.......

Dish's Name :
Blueberry Cheese Cake

AGAIN. Another dish entered my dessert list. Two in a row from the restaurant. 

This one really made me in dilemma to choose which to order for another slice. Really. This one tasted AWESOME !

The cheese was flavorful and the sweetness from the blueberry jam combined with the cheese cake. DANG !! It was the best combination in my opinion.

As the one before, this cake was moist too that it really tasted so perfect and enjoyable. Give me the whole cake and I will finish it on that time B-)

Rate : 9.0 / 10

Which one will you choose ? The Chocolate Truffle Cake or Blueberry Cheese Cake ? Leave comment below LOL...

Dish's Name :
Lemon Tart
Raspberry Coulis

This one, I might say it was so-so.

The tart was the same as egg tart, the difference only on the filling. Lemon vs. Egg. 

The lemon wasn't sour at all, more like it was sweet. The tart was crunchy but again, I might say it was nothing special compared with the other two above.

Rate : 7.0 / 10

As I said above, I might order another slice but I was reminded on the money I had spent. I spent some on the dessert on other cafe which I really regretted ever ordered one. Expensive plus tasted bad. Compare to the dessert here (the truffle and cheese cake), it was NOTHING. I will review it in the next time (still not know when).

The cake wasn't expensive at all, comparing to other restaurants. And this time, again, I think I might visit again here to taste all the cake (some of them were out of stock -__-). Wait for the information if it really happens !

Rate for Luciole : 8.5 / 10


Location :
Central Park, Tribeca Park
Jl. Letjen S. Parman
Tanjung Duren, Jakarta Barat


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