Monday, May 25, 2015

Monolog Coffee - Plaza Senayan Jakarta

Ladies and gentlemen !

This time i'm going to review another great coffee shop. It is Monolog Coffee. Location is at Plaza Senayan. Currently, they have 2 outlet here in Jakarta. The other one is at Street Gallery, Pondok Indah Mall.

It's rather hard to find Monolog at Plaza Senayan if you never see them or never been there before. It's located near parking lot to be precise, it's between one of the mall's car drop-off location and the parking lot. Place is across De Luca Cafe. Technically, they're outside the mall.

Pretty crowded place on weekdays and weekends. Great coffee place and also becoming trending brunch spot nowadays in Jakarta. Already brewing at 10 AM until 12 AM everyday.
Place is looking nice with wooden interior and also with comfortable sofa, wooden tables, wooden chairs and coffee bar. Also like other coffee shop, they got smoking area and non-smoking area. They served various kinds of food and drinks here. All-day breakfast meal, lunch, dinner, cakes and coffee of course. It's safe to say that this is one of the best coffee shop in Jakarta. Nice place for hang-out and chat too.

Actually what got me and my partner in crime or what you called 'friends' here are brunch and coffee. Since they are famous with both, so we paid them a visit.
We looked at the menu, and then we ordered one brunch meal and coffees.

Few minutes later, these came to our table :

Dish Name :
Sunrise Breakfast Meal
Description :
2 Eggs (Omelette), Beef Bockwurst, Beef Ham, Garlic Fried Potato, Sauteed Mushroom
Whole Wheat Toast

Why did i choose this dish? Because reading from the description on the menu, it has everything i like. Egg? Yes, Fried Potato? Of course, Meat? ABSOLUTELY !. Almost forgot to mention sauteed mushroom and wheat toast.
Quite a big portion for a breakfast honestly, or even brunch for one people. So ladies, this is for sharing. LOL. So there are 2 kinds of meat here. There are beef bockwurst (sausage) and beef ham. And 2 eggs, and you can choose any style you want. Whether it's sunny side up, scrambled or omelette. We chose omelette.
So about the taste... hmm.. TASTY!
The sausage is perfect. The skins of sausage looked nice, texture was smooth and soft.
The ham just tasted good too, nicely cooked.
Fried Potato was okay, nothing special though.
Omelette, juicy, nicely cooked, taste fine.
Sauteed Mushroom, this one just impressed me ! They are surprisingly delicious. Soft texture and i can still taste the butter that made it so delicious and juicy.
Wheat Toast, nicely toasted, crunchy and served with of course, jam.
Overall, i'm satisfied with this dish.

Rate 8.5/10

Beverage Name :
Spiced Coffee Latte

Curiosity brought me to this coffee. Latte with spice. It smelled like cinnamon. The spices were poured on top of the coffee. At the first sip, it taste weird. But then, it taste better after i stirred it. So imagine latte with a little bit taste of cinnamon. This is how it tastes like.
Honestly, i like it though haha.

Rate 8/10

Beverage's Name :
Hot Chocolate

Stephen didn't want any caffeine so he ordered hot chocolate.
The taste was good. Just like normal chocolate drinks, I guess, it was pure chocolate since the flavour was strong and i think maybe they didn't put any sugar. The sweetness came from the chocolate, not from sugar. Overall, it's a good drink.

Rate : 8/10

Well, we just add this coffee shop to our Top Coffee Shop list !
We will make sure to visit Monolog again when we have chance.

Rate for Monolog Coffee : 8/10


Location :
Plaza Senayan
Palm Gate Entrance
Jl. Asia Afrika, Jakarta
Opening Hours : 10 AM - 12 AM



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