Saturday, May 23, 2015

DJOURNAL COFFEE - Grand Indonesia Jakarta (UPDATED)

Hi guys !

This time i'm going to review this amazing coffee shop called DJOURNAL COFFEE.

Located at Grand Indonesia. For me, this is one of the best coffee shop in town if it's not the best. Their coffee never failed to amaze me. Like the saying 'Good coffee, good day' right?
This coffee shop actually has 3 branches here in Jakarta, this one is at Grand Indonesia, the other two is at Cilandak Town Square and Puri Indah Mall. Never been to the other two. But been to the Grand Indonesia outlet a few good times.

First, about the place, it's a coffee bar, so in case you don't know what is a coffee bar, they have a bar but served coffee, not alcohol. You won't see the coffee bar from the outside of the cafe, because it's inside the cafe, actually it's right behind the coffee counter. Place is always crowded whether it's weekday or weekend. And this place of course like most of all cafe, have a non-smoking area and outdoor smoking area.

So one of the thing i like about this place is their place design, they make it somehow with wooden interior a very cozy place, at least from when i saw it. In fact, that's what got me to enter this coffee shop at the first place. I always like cozy cafe serving good drinks, who doesn't right?
PS: Place looks very beautiful at night from across the street outside the mall. :)

So, cut the story short, i get in line to order their coffee at the coffee counter. I ask the barista, what's their best coffee here? They said Caramel Macchiato and Salted Caramel. Well, Caramel Macchiato is actually pretty common in other coffee shop, but what is Salted Caramel? So i asked the barista, he said it's a coffee with caramel and with a little bit salt, so it'll taste a bit salty. Wow ! never taste something like that. So i ordered it. I was hungry too, so i ordered their recommended food from the barista also, Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Turkey Ham.

Here's the review of the food and drinks !

Dish Name :
Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Turkey Ham
Description :
Spaghetti Aglio Olio
Turkey Ham
Parmesan Cheese

I just want to be honest, this is one of the best spaghetti i ever tasted in my life. The texture and the softness of the spaghetti, perfectly well mixed with the garlic and olive oil and of course the turkey ham. It's perfectly cooked ! Point is, it taste AWESOME ! I recommend you guys to try this dish if you go there.

Rate : 8.5/10

Dish's Name :
Nachos Supremo

Perfect for snack on the evening along with a good coffee. Served with minced beef and a little bit of onion and chili. Tasted okay.

Rate : 8/10

Beverage's Name :
Salted Caramel

Well, my curiousness of the uniqueness of this coffee has come to an end. I take the first sip, then the second sip, then the third. I just can't stop ! It was so GOOD ! Too good to be exact ! Like the barista said it taste a bit salty but it's delicious, combined well with the caramel and coffee. Man, at that moment i swear, i would recommend this to everyone. So here i am, recommending you guys to drink this Salted Caramel Coffee. I mean, really, you must try this ! In fact, this is always my drink if i came here since then. LOL.

Rate : 9/10

Beverage's Name :
Caramel Macchiato

On my recent visit, i tried their Caramel Macchiato which the barista recommend me when i first came. So i ordered it hot. They served it with a mug with a caramel sauce on top of the coffee and foam. Actually, this one is not bad too, it's slightly better than Starbucks' Caramel Macchiato in my opinion.

Rate : 7.5/10

Well, that is all guys !

This place has been one of my favorite coffee shop to hangout with friends and family and Stephen's (co-owner of this blog) favorite too. So when we have the chance, we'll come again to taste another dish and coffee. And of course, we'll write a review about it ! Stay tuned !

Rate for DJOURNAL COFFEE : 8.5/10


Location :
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
West Mall, Ground Floor
Jl. MH Thamrin , Jakarta
Opening hours : 8 AM - 12 AM



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