Tuesday, June 9, 2015

CHUNG GI WA - Gandaria City Jakarta

Welcome Back Foodies !!!

Today, I will review my first time ever tasting this cuisine. It's KOREAN :D
It has been in my mind on wanting to try this cuisine when I watch a popular variety show in Korea.

So I had it last Saturday, I went to this place with my usual partners in crime and the others. It was quite crowded on that day especially on the dinner time. Here's the place :

The restaurant is located right at the Ground Floor of Gandaria City Mall. From the lobby, when you enter the mall, walk straight and you will find this restaurant already. It's really easy to find !

The interior is quite beautiful since its main material is wood and make the place seems so cozy and perfect for families to gather and have lunch or dinner together. The restaurant is very clean and doesn't smell despite it's specialty is grilled. I found out that they use kitchen hoods on every table so the smoke will be sucked by the hood and doesn't left any smell around. It's really so convenient !

The waiters and waitresses are all so friendly, they answered all our questions about the restaurant's favorite food. I thought that night, the owner herself was there sitting at the cashier. She can speak Indonesia fluently. How niceee........

For the price, this restaurant is really not recommended for students cause it's quite expensive. Maybe because of the luxurious food it serves.

After spent couple minutes, we had decided what to order for our dinner. So here's the pictures :

Quite many huh (we were just 3 people) ? The table even was full of the food that we were confused to find some space to put another plates. Might as well open another table reserve for us hahaha. Btw, we didn't order that much actually LOL, some of the food were actually served with the others. I mean, whatever meal you order, these dish will come out together as the side dishes.

Here's the side dishes I'm talking about :

(from left to right ) :
1. (top left) : Daikon (white radish)
2. (middle left) : Korean pickled cucumber
3. (bottom left) : Seasoned Eggplant (Gaji Namul)
4. (middle top) : Kimchi
5. (middle bottom) : White Radish
6. (top right) : Fresh Lettuce
7. (bottom right) : Pickled Salad

All the side dishes tasted good, most of them. The kimchi, it was sweet. I didn't know if it tasted so, or it had been changed to fit with Indonesian's taste bud, but I enjoyed it indeed. The seasoned eggplant, well, it tasted bland to me, like an eggplant with no seasoning, but actually it was quite good when you eat it with the lettuce. Wrap all these to the lettuce just like how Korean eat them.

I didn't eat the pickled cucumber, but one of my friends tried it and said that it wasn't delicious. It tasted weird to him LOL. For the daikon, all of us didn't even want to think on trying it, it smelled so bad that our whole table smelled like this daikon. We even put it to the corner as far from us.

Next, our order came at last....

Dish's Name :
Frozen Meat

Hahahaha. I'm joking guys !! Don't take it seriously.

At Chung Gi Wa, they give you choices on the grilling :
1. Grill by yourself
2. Grill by the waiter / waitress at your table
3. Grill by the waiter / waitress at their kitchen (they have their own grilling pit especially for the waiters and waitress to use for the customers)

We chose the 2nd option. We asked the waitress to grill the meat for us (save our energy) LOL...

The process :

After waited for couple minutes, she finished the grilling and here's the result :

Dish's Name :
Description :
Pork Tenderloin (Neck)

I apologize for the bad quality of pictures since our co-author made a mistake on taking it. We will take another good picture for this dish next time and will change this ones. So.. Please bear with us :)

The tenderloin, it was meaty (that's good for a meat). Sadly, it was too dry and tasted bland, so we had to dip it to the sauce and added some spices to the meat to enjoy eating it. I wrapped it to the lettuce, so it tasted good for me. 

Rate : 7.5 / 10

Dish's Name :
Description :
Pork Belly Skin On

The waitress told us that this meat is the favorite one at Chung Gi Wa, so we ordered one.

The taste was AWESOME...

It was juicy and smelled so good. I could still see the lard coming out from the meat. You don't need to add anything to this meat cause it already tasted good. Trust me, it is. Even though it came by 3 slices and the waitress had cut it to small pieces, my friends and I still couldn't have enough on the meat. If it wasn't expensive, we might as well order another slices of this.

Rate : 8.5 / 10

Dish's Name :
Description :
Brisked Special Korea

It was written as "Brisked Special Korea" on the menu, but actually it was Marinated Beef. This one, it was the best of all the best above. It had been marinated with special sauce and when I tasted it, the sweetness from the sauce and the juicy of the meat, it was PERFECT. The beef was cut to thin slices so with just one bite, and the beef would break easily.

I suggest if you ever want to try to eat here, order Ogyopsal and this. You will leave with happy tummy :D

Rate : 8.5 / 10

Dish's Name :
Description :
Spicy Stir Fried Squid

We really didn't intend to order this at the first place. It was happened when the other customers sat beside us ordered this dish. My friend and I saw it and both of us thought it was delicious judging by the look, so we ended up asking the waitress of what dish it was and ordered one too.

For me, this dish wasn't worth it. It tasted bland again to me, and the squid, it was so little compare to the big plate. What I found the most was the vegetables inside, white cabbage, carrot, onion. It was served with white noodles and dipped with the sauce, and yet it all tasted bland again -_-

Rate : 6.5 / 10

Here's what it looked like for all our orders.

Hope you enjoy it :)

Overall, this place is enjoyable. Unfortunately, the price doesn't quite fit with student's pocket like us. What I like about the restaurant is how the waiters serve the customers. They are all friendly and skillful. Our meat dishes were cooked perfectly. Imagine if we grilled it ourselves, it would taste worse i guess. It's worth to visit here once if you haven't.

Rate for Chung Gi Wa : 8.5 / 10


Location :
Gandaria City
Ground Floor
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda
Gandaria, Jakarta



(photo taken from toyota.astra.co.id)

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  1. Oh My! i think i can eat them all! :D nice review

  2. The place is so nice, unfortunately some of the food are forbidden for me, aren't they?

    1. Yes, but you can still order the others, they serve beef and pork :)