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Hello again my fellow foodies !

This is the last restaurant that we visit on our recent trip to Bandung.
A short review of this awesome Indonesian traditional restaurant.

Warung Misbar located at Jalan RE Martadinata or the people over there calls it Jalan Riau. Very strategic place for a restaurant, reason is alongside the street of Jalan Riau, there are a lot of Factory Outlets, mostly famous one like Heritage, Summit, or The Secret. Many people stop by this restaurant to have lunch before continuing shopping, including me.

A little travel guide for you guys who are also a shopaholic like me, you should go to this street, but the best Factory Outlet is still Rumah Mode at Jalan Setiabudi for me.

Back to this restaurant. The exterior of the restaurant is actually designed like 90's Movie Theater, which gives the whole exterior looks kinda old.


This restaurant served Indonesian Cuisine with Warung Style. It's more like self-service, you take your own plate, and then you just take any food you'd like to eat, some are still raw though, so the waitress will take it to cooked it for you. If you think about it again, it's more like a buffet style but not with all-you-can-eat offer, funny though, to think like that. After you take whatever food you want, then you go to the cashier and then they will gives you list of foods that you took, and later you'll have to give the list to the cashier to pay it.

Also, inside there's a big screen  with old Indonesian Movies playing like the famous comedy show "Warkop", and a painted legendary Indonesian Actor on the wall like Deddy Mizwar, or Dono-Kasino-Indro themselves. This explains the exterior.

So i took my own plate, there's a few kinds of rice, like usual steamed white rice, nasi liwet, and else. Nasi Liwet is actually tasted like nasi lemak or nasi uduk, so i chose that.
Next, i chose fried chicken which the waitress said it's still raw and they take it to fry it.
Then, my favorite dish at warung, Telur Dadar (Omelette) and Sliced Chili Potatoes and Perkedel. If you don't know perkedel, it's actually derived from Dutch Frikandel, also a potato. I know i already took potatoes, but i just can't help it, it's one of my favorite dish at warung.
There's a lot more food to take, plenty of fishes with different styles of sauce, many kinds of satay. But i think i had enough, potatoes and rice, that's a lot of carbs. :D
Then i go to the cashier, and i got the list and it's time to enjoy my food !

Nasi Liwet 
Fried Chicken, Sliced Chili Potatoes, Omelette, and Perkedel

I like their nasi liwet, tasted good. Nasi Liwet is usually steamed with water, coconut milk, salam leaves, lemongrass and spices. Sometimes i ate Nasi Liwet that put too much lemongrass and spices, so i taste kinda strange yet a bit sour. Theirs is just perfect, they put the ingredients with fitted portion.
The fried chicken though, nothing special, just like usual traditional Indonesian Fried Chicken, fried with spices.
Telur Dadar, Sliced Chili Potatoes and Perkedel all tasted good and better than usual Warung's.
Also don't forget to take the Sambal Terasi. :D

I'll rate my food:

Daun Ubi

This is another traditional Indonesian Food. Daun Ubi with a soup that made from Coconut Milk. It tasted rather flavorless because they didn't put too much coconut milk for the soup, which is sometimes a good thing because that's not very good for health. But the daun ubi is very good though.

Rate: 7/10

This place is recommended medium rate price restaurant that served Traditional Indonesian Cuisine at Bandung.

Rate for WARUNG MISBAR : 8/10

Location :
Jl. RE Martadinata (Jl. Riau)


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When we're traveling to Bandung we use this awesome car. Eventhough Toyota Agya is small car. The power it can produce can't be underestimated. Even with full passengers, it can pass the steep road easily. It passes all the obstacles ahead. Truly dont ever underestimate a small things especially this car.

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