Thursday, June 4, 2015

JAVANA BISTRO - Paris Van Java Bandung

What's up guys !
Again, i will write a review of one of the restaurant that we visited when we were at Bandung.

Javana Bistro, located at Paris Van Java. At Paris Van Java, you can find many of the restaurants here in Jakarta like SushiGroove, Zenbu, and many else. So we went to a restaurant we never heard before in Jakarta. Then we chose Javana Bistro.

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Place is outside the mall facing the parking lot. We chose the table for outdoor's smoking area because it seems quite quiet inside the non-smoking area, we were looking for some noise, so outdoor it is to get the atmosphere.
This restaurant is well decorated in my opinion, it's more like coffee shop yet perfect place for dinner.

I knew it from the name, their specialty is Indonesian cuisine but i asked the waiter anyway. He said we should try their Sop Buntut, the oxtail can be served with 4 ways: regular style, fried, barbequed, curry. So me and one of my friend went with that. Mine is fried, he chose barbequed.

To the review :

Dish's Name :
Sop Buntut
with Fried Oxtail

A bowl of the soup and then a plate of rice and the fried oxtail with emping and few slices of tomato. I tasted the soup first. There are potatoes, carrots and tomatoes in the soup. The soup is too salty. Not good. Then i see that the oxtail looks kinda black-ish from the sauce. So basically, they fried the oxtail and then they poured the sweet black sauce on it. I tasted the oxtail. The meat is too chewy. If you imagine that the oxtail would taste good with the soup, well it's not. I tried my friend's barbecued oxtail but it didn't taste any difference, tastes just the same. I didn't really like it.

Rate : 6/10

Dish's Name :
Honey Mustard Glazed Salmon
Mascarpone Mash and Organic Spinach

This one is not Indonesian cuisine, it's American. Quite a small portion honestly. A medium piece of salmon and mascarpone mash. Mascarpone is Italian cheese with vinegar or lemon.
The salmon, it was cooked perfectly, the seasosing was good too. For the sauce, it really didn't taste delicious at all, the sauce was made from wasabi and mayonnaise. Damn ! It sucks. Really.
The mascarpone mash was good. It's yummy and the texture was soft. Meanwhile, for the organic spinach, it was a little bitter.

Rate : 6/10

Dish's Name :
Baked Rigatoni
Beef Bacon, Mushroom, Bechamel, and Cheese Sauce

This one tasted just alright, nothing special. Just like usual pasta with bechamel sauce. In case you don't know, bechamel sauce is a sauce that made from milk and roux.

Rate : 7/10

Beverage's Name :
Chocolate Frappe 

This one is quite helping actually after a few not-so-pleasant food. It's a simple taste of chocolate and cappuccino.

Rate : 7/10

Beverage's Name :
Ice Dragon

This one is exotic fresh drink. Dragon's Fruit Juice. You know the taste. :D

Rate : 7/10

Well, this is all our honest review, sorry to say but this is one of the worst that we've been. We're disappointed though since judging by the place and crowd, we thought they were good.

Rate : 6/10

Location :
Jl. Sukajadi
Paris Van Java


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