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CHURRERIA - Gandaria City Jakarta

Hello Guys....

Today's review will take place the same as the last one, I mean the latest one here.

In the last review, it was a dinner, but this one I call it the snack time before the dinner. I guess, our snack time has changed from hanging out at Starbucks turn to visiting restaurants we haven't before LOL.

Here's the place.

This restaurant is located at the Upper Ground of Gandaria City and its specialty is on the Churro dishes.

At first, we were thinking on visiting La Hoya to try the tacos, but then I gave a suggestion on trying this one since I saw the dishes were quite attractive. Btw, I never even eat a churro before, so I was anticipating this so much :D

That day, noon actually, we chose to sit outside, the balcony cause we thought it was still not crowded, only couple tables were filled and the outside was still empty, no smokers B-). 

The place was comfortable and really suitable for people to hang out, example : us LOL.

The waitress gave the menu list and we chose the meals after couple minutes. 

Dish's Name :

Description :
A shot of Espresso 
Hot Churros and Ladyfingers,
layered with 
Mascarpone Cheese and Cocoa Powder


Beverage's Name :
Royale Chocolate
Description :
Pure Dark Swiss Hot Chocolate Drink

Quite magnificent picture doesn't it ? I admit this is very GOOD. Thanks the photographer : co-author , not me LOL.

Back to the review....

The churro dish. I really enjoyed it !

The churro itself, it's crunchy and chewy but not as chewy as the meat that can't break by chewing. It's my first time, so I found it to fit my expectation. 

Here's the problem, in the menu list, it shown a picture that the churro could be dipped into the drinks (Espresso, Coffee) but we didn't know that. We didn't know what to do with the espresso shot. May I just pour the espresso to the plate (I did it actually) ? So... I poured it anyway hahaha.

The espresso was bitter since it was indeed a strong coffee, but when I ate the churro with the other ingredients, it was delicious ! The cheese, espresso and a lil bit of cocoa powder just made the churro and lady fingers taste really good. The lady fingers were crunchy at first, but it weren't anymore when I poured the espresso, but still worth to taste.

Rate : 8.0 / 10

Don't take the wrong look, the espresso was the one that was placed at the plate together with the churro. The one above the dish was the beverage we ordered.

It's Royale Chocolate.

It tasted pure chocolate, and it was so thick that after one sip, you will want another sip cause of the smell, but you must provide a glass of water after finishing this beverage. It makes you thirsty at the throat. I MEAN IT.

Rate : 8.0 / 10

Dish's Name :
Frozen Chocolate Mousse
Description :
Ice Cream Light Texture
topped with
Berry Coulis
and brushed with
Cocoa Powder

The mousse was yummy. Took a scoop and combined it with the berries and it tasted so so so good.......

Except one thing.

The mousse was too freezing cold, I really need to use power to scoop it out and it caused a noise when the spoon clashed with the plate -_-. Really not an enjoyable time. And because of the freezing, the chocolate tasted a little bit bland, no sweetness in it, but as I say above, combine it with the berries and it tastes good or maybe better.

Rate : 7.5 / 10

Beverage's Name :

Strawberry Kiss

Have to admit that this beverage just tasted like usual strawberry juice. For people who want to have fresh juice, this one is recommended :)

Beverage's Name :
Summer Tea
Description :
Fresh Four Red Fruit Tea
with a hint of Lemon Juice,
top with freshly Crushed Strawberries.



It tasted of bland water. The lemon and strawberries, sour smell didn't even come out. I didn't know what to say after drinking this. Really regretting the choice but actually the good thing about this beverage was, I didn't feel any thirst again after sipping this one. At least, that's quite the advantage of this beverage.

Rate : 6.5 / 10

Overall, this place is perfect to spend time with friends and families. The churros' dishes are delicious and I think the cake will taste good too (I didn't get the opportunity to taste them -_-).

Last word...

My version : Cherish Your Day With FOOD

CYA ;)

Rate for CHURRERIA : 7.5 / 10


Location :
Gandaria City
Upper Ground
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda
Gandaria, Jakarta


(photo taken from

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