Tuesday, June 16, 2015

SUSHIGROOVE - Taman Anggrek Mall Jakarta

Hey guys, what's up !

So, i'm going to write a review of a restaurant that also a member of, again, Ismaya Group. We came to this restaurant with very high-expectation since we knew that Ismaya Group have many high-quality and some stunning gourmet-y restaurants.

SushiGroove have several outlets in Jakarta. They have outlets located at TA, MKG, PIM, GI, Setiabudi One and even at PVJ Bandung. So we decided to go to the nearest from our place, to Taman Anggrek Mall. Located at the 4th level. And as from the name, i guess you guys know damn well that they, of course, served Japanese Cuisine.

I have nothing to say about the place, because all the furniture and interior seems like usual Japanese restaurant. So, we sat and checked at the menu, they served plenty kinds of food apart from sushi, they got donburi, soba, udon, sashimi, salad, and bibimbap.

We ordered a lot of food. Below are what we ordered :

Salmon Mentaiko Nigiri

The waiter recommended this, he said that this is their favorite and best seller dish. So we went for it. The salmon is already cooked and served with mentaiko sauce on top. Too bad, when i tasted it, it's not that delicious. I don't know how that can became their best seller. The mentaiko is the main problem. Usually mentaiko is made from marinated pollock and cod fish, but i think that they put some wasabi in it and the wasabi flavor covered up the whole mentaiko flavor. So it's tasted just like salmon nigiri and wasabi.

Rate : 6.5/10

Salmon Nigiri

Well, this one is very common nigiri. It's better than the Salmon Mentaiko Nigiri though. But nothing too special from this nigiri, it tasted good but usual good. They used the fresh salmon on this one.

Rate : 7/10

Princess Roll
Baked Tuna and Sauce on top

This is a sushi roll, since we ordered a lot of salmon dish, we went for tuna for this. Sushi with baked tuna and dream sauce on top. I don't know what is dream sauce. But it went well with the baked tuna. It tasted quite good. 

Rate : 8/10

Crunchy Munchy Roll
Crab Meat, Tempura Flakes and Salmon Patty

Another sushi roll, contained crab, and again, salmon in patty style. It tasted awesome, the tempura flakes makes it crunchy a little. The crab and the salmon mixed together was perfect.

Rate : 8/10

Salmon Maki

Delicious and simple but nothing too special from this. Sometimes, i like to dip the sushi to soy sauce. It gave a little salty flavor to it.

Rate : 7.5/10

Tuna Maki

Another delicious and simple dish, Tuna Sushi. But i prefer the salmon maki though.

Rate : 7.5/10

Tako Karaage

Deep fried baby octopus with teriyaki sauce and some slaw under it. Perfect dish for appetizer and sharing. Flavor is nice, crunchy and a bit spicy.

Rate : 7.5/10

Chicken Curry Bibimbap

At first, i thought it's funny to find a bibimbap in a Japanese restaurant since bibimbap is usually found at Korean restaurant. But one of my friend who also came with us here said that their bibimbap is actually delicious. So we ordered Chicken Curry Bibimbap and Beef Mozu Bibimbap. Well, finally i ate something that special from this restaurant. Chicken Curry Bibimbap, recommended dish for everyone. There is a katsuobushi on top. Katsuobushi or what we called usually is bonito flakes which is a dancing flakes usually seen in takoyaki , in case you don't know. And there were also tempura flakes on top of the bibimbap and it smelled really good. The rice was perfect. The curry tasted awesome and the chicken too. Best dish for us in this restaurant.

Rate : 8.5/10

Beef Mozu Bibimbap

Another bibimbap that we ordered, contained enoki mushroom on top, and egg yolk in the middle, We mixed all of the ingredients before we ate it. Strange though that the flavor was almost like Chinese Fried Rice, but it's delicious. But i prefer the chicken curry bibimbap, they are better in my opinion. Well this one is recommended for you guys too. :D

Rate : 8/10

To sum it up, apart from the Chicken Curry Bibimbap and Beef Mozu Bibimbap which i highly recommend, all the sushi that we ate are pretty much a common sushi and tasted good and nothing special too. 

Rate for SushiGroove : 7.5/10

Location :
Taman Anggrek Mall Lv.4
Jl. Let. Jend. S.Parman
Jakarta Barat


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