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NOMZ Kitchen & Pastry - Grand Indonesia Mall Jakarta

FOODIES !! I welcome you back again to our blog :D

First, I want to apologize for the long absent (actually only for 5 days LOL), we are having our last semester exams right now, so the time to write is decreasing a lil bit, but we will keep the blog working :)

Today's review will talk about a restaurant which we had visited months ago, but at least it's worth to review, so here's one !

The restaurant is called "NOMZ !" located at the East Mall of Grand Indonesia. A little info about the restaurant, its owner is Chef Arnold Poernomo. Well, if you ever watch Master Chef Indonesia, I think you know who he is.

The first time I knew him was on the TV show, he came as the guest star and cooked a risotto.
Even I still remember the jury in the show said that he is a great chef because he keeps his station clean and neat.

Back to the topic...

Vincent said that he wanted to try this restaurant cause of the background from the owner and the coziness, so we agreed and entered.

When we were given the menu list, we were quite confused on what to order, including me, the fish dishes were quite plenty and I had a dilemma to choose which one hahaha...

As usual, we spent couple minutes to perfectly ready on our choice and here's what we ordered   

Dish's Name :
Seared Barramundi  with Fried Prawn Dumpling
Description :
with Coriander and Leek Salad,
Soy and Chili Dressing

Sadly, you can't see the fish clearly because of the dressings LOL.... I tried to put aside them, but it didn't look quite appealing, so I put it back again hahaha..

In my opinion, this dish was PERFECT. Well, for me.

The fish was cooked perfectly and didn't smell fishy. The fried dumpling was delicious too ! It was flavorful and crunchy. The dressings, I didn't eat them :| hahaha. Btw, this dish was served with a bowl of rice too.

What I liked the most was the sauce, the soy sauce. Dip it with the fish and ate them with a spoonful of rice. OHHHHH...... It's like heaven ! It made me thinking of eating a Chinese cuisine :D

For fish lover, I might say this dish is really recommend, if you want to try !

Rate : 8.5 / 10

Dish's Name :
Battered Fish & Chips
Description :
with Aioli and Calamansi Halves

Well, for the Fish N Chips. It tasted as usual dish, nothing special with it. 
If you compare it with other famous restaurants, this dish is scored a little higher, the fish had a sweet taste on it.

Rate : 7.5 / 10

Dish's Name :
Man's Meal
Description :
Wagyu Beef Burger
Jalapeno Aioli, Aged Cheddar,
Onion Rings,
BBQ and NOMZ Tomatillo Sauce

The burger tasted good. 

The meat was quite big but sadly, it was too greasy. Pressed on it and all the oil came out -__-

The sauces tasted like usual sauce, nothing quite special from them.

Onion Rings, tasted bland. My friend even put chili sauce on top of them.

Rate : 7.0 / 10

Dish's Name :
Crazy Rice on Wagyu Sirloin
Description :
Beef and Chicken on NOMZ crazy sauce
Fried Egg

This dish was ordered by Vincent, this blog's co-author.

I will write my review about this, but I will show you first what he says about his dish :

I am not even sorry to say this and once again, this review is my honest and MY OPINION. This dish really disappoint me. Let me break it down. First. It's the worst garnishing ever that I can expect from a restaurant located at the mall especially like this one which I expect more, remembering that the owner is one of the considered as the best chef in Indonesia.
I can't believe that they serve this 'kerupuk' (crackers) that usually Indonesian people serve in the Street's Food, like Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice) or Ketoprak which only cost about 10K rupiah. With respect and no offense for the Street's Food sellers, there are a lot of amazing food on the street's side in Indonesia. Imagine that and then you go to a restaurant at a mall, expecting a good, beautiful and tasteful dishes, then BAM ! There goes my money. Gone with high disappointment.
I tasted it and Thank God, It tasted a little better than it looked. But.. To be honest again, it had nothing special about it too. They used a fried egg alongside the wagyu beef and sauce that from my guessing, made from tomato sauce and a little bit of chili. The beef's texture was good. But again, COME ON !! I'm sure they can do a lot better on the garnishing and that is obviously not a 'mall-restaurant dish' quality garnishing.
I don't know if they want to make this dish looks like a roadside dish sensation at a fine dining restaurant like this one or not, but I don't get it, really I don't.
Well... Crazy Beef Rice. Makes Me CRAZYYYY....... !!!

Rate : 4.0 / 10 

Quite a comment he made LOL..

Now here's mine..

By the look, I might not have my appetite anymore. The price is expensive yet the dish looks unappealing. 

The sauce, my taste bud said it was kind of BBQ sauce, and it was too sweet. You can't even eat it without rice, I guarantee that. Even though the beef tasted good to me, but if I have to compare it with the price, it really isn't worth.

My rate to this dish is same. 4.0 / 10

Dish's Name :
Szechuan Calamari
Description :
with Garlic and Chili.
Sides of Aioli

Ordered a light bites dish, calamari. MY FAVORITE !!!

Taste usual like others, a deep fried calamari. The difference was this one had a salty flavor a little bit which was okay to me.

Rate : 7.5 / 10

Overall, this restaurant is good to hang out, and we were already so full that time, so we decided not to have some dessert anymore which according to some sources, they served some pretty good dessert and sweet tooth. But never mind, we might visit here again some time :D

Rate for NOMZ : 7.0 / 10


Location :
Grand Indonesia Mall
Ground Floor, East Mall
Jl. M.H. Thamrin
Thamrin, Jakarta


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