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Welcome back Foodies !

Today I want to review a place which I went to with my friends when we were at Bandung. Just for information, we walked by foot almost an hour to reach here since we thought it would be near the place we were visiting before this place. IT WASN'T. Two of my friends even had battle scars because of this hahahaha. I'm joking btw, their legs just hurt because of the long walk.

First time visiting Bandung, still didn't know anything, so we used to walk by foot a lot -_-. Next time would never do something like this anymore. It's really wasting our time and energy.

Here's the place we visited :

(photo taken from website :

We couldn't take picture of the restaurant since it was raining the time we came, it was dark too so it is kind of hard to take pictures inside the restaurant too. Argh... So unlucky...........

The place is cozy and for people who like to spend time with their friends chit chatting, this place is really recommended ! We almost spent 2 - 3 hours not because of chit chatting, but to recharge our energy plus the raining weather, so we ended up waiting and talking about places we wanted to visit next :p

For the food, my friend told me their specialty is steak. Here's the pictures and review of the dishes we ordered.

Dish's Name :
Tenderloin Parmegiana
Description :
Grilled Tenderloin
served with
Potato Wedges, Broccoli with Cheese Sauce,
Tomato Sauce on top of the steak,
Grated Cheese

I ordered this one. Simple yet delicious !

The steak, I ordered it to be well done. The result ? I really liked it. It was juicy and easy to cut using the knife. The tomato sauce and grated cheese were good combinations with the steak.

For the potato wedges, well, it tasted like usual wedges you can find in any outlet. Nothing quite special :)

Now, the broccoli with cheese sauce. This one is really a yummy side dish ! I wasn't a fan of vegetables before, but it had changed when I moved to Jakarta, so something like this is nothing to me. I thought it would taste different since it served with cheese sauce. Broccoli with Cheese ? Will it taste good ? That's what I kept thinking when I saw the dish. So I tasted it anyway (my motto : finish all the food in the plate that have been served to you).

It was GREAT !! The broccoli was cooked to a soft texture which I never had tasted before. Usually the broccoli I ate, it was still hard, It's tired just to chew it. The cheese sauce, well, it was cheese, but not cheese. I mean, when you smell it, it is cheese, but when you taste it together with the broccoli, the cheese is gone, change into something like mayonnaise, but they were a good combinations.

Rate : 7.5 / 10 


Dish's Name :
Tenderloin Bordelaise
Description :
Grilled Tenderloin
served with
Bordelaise Sauce,
Lyonnaise Potatoes

Vincent ordered this dish.

I tasted some of the ingredients and here's my opinion.

The steak was well done, same as mine, so there's nothing to describe about the meat.

The sauce, it was a bordelaise sauce. From what i know that it's a sauce made with red wine. Well, I don't know if this sauce is the same with the wikipedia one, because when I tasted the sauce, in my opinion, it was a mushroom sauce :|
You know how it tastes right ? It's sweet. ONLY SWEET.

The lyonnaise potatoes, pan seared potatoes and onions. This one, it tasted good, nothing special about it. I preferred mine rather than his potatoes hahaha (sorry bro !). It tasted bland to me, He likes it though.

For the cauliflower, he didn't eat it, so I did. It tasted like my broccoli, but this one, the cauliflower had sweet taste on it, so with the sauce, it tasted good for me.

Rate : 7.5 / 10


Dish's Name :
Tenderloin "Epinard"
Description :
Grilled Tenderloin
served with
Hash Brown Potatoes,
Mushroom Sauce

My friend ordered this after we saw the "Chef's Recommendation Menu".

In my opinion, this one was the best out of the 2 dishes above us (lucky him).

The steak was cooked in medium rare. It was juicy and slightly softer than our meat. With the mushroom sauce (this one really was mushroom sauce), the taste was GOOD............

The hash brown potatoes were delicious. They had the sweet and salty taste.

Spinach was okay. Nothing special from it.

I didn't know why but the menu didn't write the description perfectly, as you can see, the dish had vegetables and small thin slices of beef. They tasted good. The vegetables were cooked with sweet taste and the portion for this dish was enough for a person to eat.

Overall, this dish was better than others that we had.

Rate : 8.0 / 10

We ordered an extra too, snack.

Dish's Name :
French Fries & Sausages

Nothing quite special for this snack.

Deep fried and put some seasoning on top of it. Tasted usual.

Rate : 7.5 / 10

For us, this restaurant and its food is quite good. If you haven't tried one, come and visit them once to know how the food tastes. Will we visit here again ? Well, we can't answer that yet, we have to wait until the next time we were at Bandung, i guess.

Rate for SUIS BUTCHER : 8.0 / 10


Location :
SUIS BUTCHER Steak House Setiabudi
Jalan Setiabudi No. 174
Bandung 40141
Phone : 022 (Bandung code) - 2033172



(photo taken from

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