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Publik Markette - Grand Indonesia Jakarta

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We have just finished our last test, so we will WELCOME JULY with happy face celebrating the LONG HOLIDAY.... Woohoooooo......!!!

Today, I want to review about one of the best restaurant I have ever visited. It's Publik Markette.

Here's the look of the restaurant.

This restaurant is located at Grand Indonesia and to be precisely, at the East Mall, just across from NOMZ Kitchen & Pastry (click on the name to be directed to the review). The place is really cozy and I really did enjoy on coming here the first time.

This restaurant is one of the restaurant from Ismaya Group (KITCHENETTE, SUSHIGROOVE, PIZZA E BIRRA, etc), a hospitality group with many awesome, fancy and gourmet restaurants. Always exciting and pleasurable visiting their restaurants.

These are the pictures of the restaurant's designs.

Here's what I liked from this place, though it's gonna be a long long story.


The restaurant's system is that, it doesn't have a menu list for the food because everyday, the food is changed depend on, i think, the chefs' decision, I mean, the food is different everyday, so you can eat quite many kind of cuisines if you come here many times.


Though the restaurant looks dark when it's at night, but actually, it is quite comfortable. There is a lamp laid on every table as the light source, so it looks like you are having a lamplight dinner (candle light LOL...)


At first, we (Vincent and I) chose the non-smoking area and we were seated with a small round table. To be truthful, we didn't like the placement very much because both of us usually order the food amount for almost 3 - 4 people (LOL) and it's next to the "Smoking" area tables -_-. BUT, here's the thing. We didn't smell any smoke at all, well, we didn't know how it could but we were really relieved cause we didn't spend our dinner accompanied by the cigarette's smoke.

Okay, that's all the story of it. Now, back with the food :)

As in the picture says : LET'S START THE JOURNEY !

At Publik Markette, the system is like this :
1. You start at the front after you take your own card containing your table's number which you can obtain on your table,
2. The First station contains the pastry like dough with jams,
3. The Second station, it is mainly the main course or which you can say, today's menu. Here, you can choose any meal you like with the description you can read and most of the dishes are served with one side dish,
4. The Third station is the veggies. As in the previous stations, you choose any you like just by saying the menu and show your table number to them,
5. Here's my favorite station. The Fourth station is the dessert station.
6. And the last station, the Fifth, it's the fresh drinks (juices, etc).

This is the card I describe above, it's quite unique :

And these were all the food we ordered, the description can be found after you scroll again :D

Now, the review is START !!

Dish's Name :
Texas Dry Rub Beef Brisked with Corn Salad

Vincent ordered this one. I might say that this was the best dish that night.

The beef, it was so tender and juicy, we thought it was a pork at first and we even walked back to the second station to make sure that it was a beef dish LOL.

The side dish, we chose, it was Sweet Potatoes. This side dish was my favorite ! It tasted really delicious. When I ate it, it tasted like a small bread being toasted and served. It had the sweet taste.

For the Corn Salad, well, nothing too special about it. It tasted like a pizza toppings,

From this dish, we were given a Yorkshire Pudding. You can find the info here. It tasted delicious with the special sauce served to us.

Overall, this dish was recommended if you ever find this when you are visiting Publik Markette.

Rate : 8.5 / 10

Dish's Name :
Rotisserie Chicken with Horseradish Mayonnaise 

Well, I had a little doubt with the chicken because it was a half chicken and usually it could be overcooked, but I ordered it anyway.

Here's my thought.

The chicken was delicious and it was slightly overcooked in my opinion. The forequarter (breast and wing) part was a little hard but the thigh part was tender, which I liked :D

The side dish, it was the same as Vincent's. The potatoes were delicious.

For the mayonnaise, well, I liked it. It was sweet and sour and when I ate it with the chicken and potatoes, it matched well. Overall, this dish was good :)

Rate : 8.0 / 10

After a good main course, it won't be complete if you don't have dessert right ?? 

Dessert's Name :
Apple Crumble Pie

The pie was delicious. The apple, it was sweet and it was crunchy.

The cream served with the pie tasted delicious too.

Rate : 8.5 / 10

Dessert's Name :
Crack Pie

I asked the chef for what this dessert was, and he answered this was a pie made with brown sugar.

The taste ? This was the best !

It was sweet, crunchy and addictive. I couldn't even stop eating it after the first bite hahaha...

Though it was delicious, I couldn't ask for 2nd plate. Why ? Because of the sweetness, my stomach felt uncomfortable -_-, but at least you should try one, IT ROCKS !!

Rate : 8.5 / 10

Beverage's Name :
Happy Belly
Description :
Combination of Sweet Apple and Orange

We heard that their smoothie was pretty good and many people recommended it, so we gave it a try. 

The smoothie, mine was okay. I liked it.

The orange and apple really suited each other, it was sweet yet no sour taste from the apple though. This might be the first time I enjoyed a smoothie.

Rate : 8.5 / 10

Beverage's Name :
Description :
Combination of Blueberry,
Banana & Mango

This one was good too !

The berry was sweet and the fact it was combined with banana and mango, it didn't taste weird at all. It's quite enjoyable :)

Rate : 8.5 / 10

Overall, this restaurant was really good for hanging out and having dinner with your family or partner. With the system of different menu everyday, you can try to eat many kind of cuisines each day, as long as your pocket can survive the price LOL.

I might want to visit here once again and hopefully, the menu will have my favorite one :D

Rate for Publik Markette : 9.0 / 10


Location :
Grand Indonesia Mall
Ground Floor, East Mall
Jl. M.H. Thamrin
Thamrin, Jakarta


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