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MeaterS & MATCHAFUKU - Citra Garden 6

Hellooo ~~~

Today's review will be a little bit different than before. Why ? Because this time, it isn't located at the mall LOL :D

Let's not taking the long time and directly focus on the places.

The place's name is MeaterS Steak & Ribs Specialist, a restaurant which serve mainly about steaks and ribs, though it serves pasta too. Well, to be precisely, this restaurant actually stands together with other restaurant. Shortly, in the building, the 1st floor is this MeaterS and the 2nd floor is MATCHAFUKU, a dessert outlet.

I was coming to this places with my cousin. Well, drove around the avenue and couldn't decide what to have for the dinner, so my cousin chose to try this outlet again since he had tried it before and he liked it.

Both restaurant's owner is the same, so you can order MATCHAFUKU's menu while you sit at MeaterS place. Quite convenient B-)

Here's the menu we ordered after a long decision LOL..

Dish's Name :
Crackling Pork Knuckle

This dish, it says it is their specialty in the restaurant, so I tried one.

The pork was delicious ! The meat was juicy and the skin, it was fried perfectly, crispy texture. Really enjoyable for me. You can either eat it yourself or share it with your friends since in my opinion, it is meaty and you might get really full just from this dish :D

The sauce, well, I couldn't figure it out what it was. All I knew was that, it tasted sweet and a little sour, really compatible with the pork, but for me, I didn't quite like it, I dipped into the sauce only for couple times since the sauce was too sour for me.

I asked the waitress about the sauce name, but she answered me saying that the sauce was came with the meat together, so most of them didn't know what it was too -__-

Rate : 8.0 / 10

Dish's Name : 
Chargrilled Chicken (Single)

This one, I liked the chicken steak. It was moist and juicy, really delicious. Cut the chicken and... It was cooked perfectly. NICE...!!!! The steak was seasoned perfectly too ! It tasted sweet and tasty. Really a good dish to me :)

The salad and fries were usual. Nothing special could be described from them, the mayo on the salad was sour yet delicious and yummy.

Rate : 8.0 / 10

Beverage's Name :
Chocolate Milkshake

Beverage's Name :
Strawberry Milkshake

For the drinks, we ordered milkshakes, chocolate and strawberry.

The taste, well, usual milkshake. Ice cream and milk blended together. I liked the milkshake, just that, it was too cold and brain freezing :|

It was tasty and refreshing (cold drinks always refreshing LOL)

Rate : 8.0 / 10


Finished with the appetizer, we continued with the desserts. We ordered :

Dessert's Name :
Matcha Anmitsu
Description :
Soft Cream, Shiratama Balls,
Mixed Tropical Fruits, Matcha Kanten,
and Condensed Milk

Matcha again ! My favorite flavor B-)

I really like this outlet's matcha ice cream, it has a little bit of bitter taste which is produced from the matcha itself, green tea is bitter right ? LOL. The reason is because, well, others sell matcha ice cream only for the color, but the taste ? Some of them are too sweet for me, which I don't quite like. That's why I favorite this outlet's matcha.

For the toppings, they tasted usual, nothing quite special about it, only the Shiratama Balls were new to me. It tasted delicious, kind of Bubble, but this one had the fruits flavor, like mine, the melon's flavor.

Overall, this dessert is recommended if you like Matcha :)

Rate : 8.5 / 10

Dessert's Name :
Grass Jelly Special
Description :
Soft Cream, Grass Jelly,
Taro Kanten, Boba, QBall,
and Condensed Milk

Actually, this dessert used the Matcha Ice Cream too, my cousin didn't like it, so he asked to change the flavor, Taro Ice Cream.

The ice cream was yummy. The taro scent was strong in the ice cream.

The toppings, Boba, QBall were delicious and chew-able. 

The only problem to me was only on the grass jelly and the shredded ice. They tasted so bland -__-. Mixed them with the milk and ice cream, still no sweet flavor coming out from the mixture :|

Rate : 7.5 / 10

Rate for MeaterS and MATCHAFUKU : 8.0 / 10


Location :
Ruko Citra Graden 6 (Sixth Avenue)
Blok J5A No. 12
Cengkareng, Jakarta

Price :
Rp 100.000,- - Rp 200.000,- approximately for 2 person


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